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Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Zodiac Man and the Moon Phases

The almanac calendar provides with us the Zodiac sign and the Moon phases.  The last two posts have dealt with this information individually, but today's will explain how these two intertwine to provide us with detailed information on gardening. 

The Moon moves through the signs of the Zodiac every couple of days.  Different signs are aligned with an element (fire, water, air, & earth).  For generations, mankind has used the relationship between the Moon/Zodiac to determine best times for planting, harvesting, etc.

A previous blog showed the graphic picture for each sign.  The symbols above are also used to represent each sign of the Zodiac.  The symbols are not used on the almanac calendar we use at the store, but you will likely find them used in most farmer's almanacs.  The signs explained:

Aries....Fire..... Barren/Dry...Harvest root and fruit for storage.  Good time to destroy weeds/pests. Taurus....Earth.....Productive/Moist...Second best time to plant/transplant.  Good time for root crops and leafy vegetables.  Gemini....Air.....Barren/Dry...Harvest root and fruit for storage. Good time to destroy weeds/pests.  Exception:  Melon seeds do well in this sign.  Cancer...Water.....Very Fruitful/Moist... Best time for plant/transplant.  Good for grafting.  Leo....Fire.....Very Barren/Dry... Harvest root and fruit for storage.   Good time to destroy weeds/pests. Virgo....Earth.....Barren/Moist...Some flowers/vines like this sign. Good time to destroy weeds/pests.  Libra....Air.....Semi-Fruitful...Best time for planting flowers/vines/herbs.  Scorpio....Water.....           Very Fruitful/Moist...Best time for planting sturdy plants. Tomatoes, Corn, Okra.  Sagittarius....Fire...Barren/Dry...Harvest root crops.  Good time to cultivate soil.  Good time to plant onion sets and fruit trees.  Capricorn....Earth.....Productive/Dry...Good time to plant root crops for hardy growth. Good time to graft and prune. Aquarius....Air.....Barren/Dry... Good time to harvest fruits and root crops.Good time to destroy weeds/pests.  Pieces....Water.....Very Productive... Good time for planting and transplanting.  Very good for root growth.

You got all that?  It's hard to keep up with, but at least the good ole almanac will provide most of the answers for you at a quick glance.  It's nice to know the reasoning behind the advice.

So here this week's calendar:

24th & 25th - Taurus/Bull/Necks - Good day to plant root crops and transplanting.
26th & 27th - Gemini/Twins/Arms - Poor days for planting.
28th & 29th - Cancer/Crab/Brest - Best days for planting root crops.  Excellent time for sowing seedbeds or transplanting.
30th - Leo/Lion/Heart - Very Barren Period.  Not a good time to plant.

Until next time....


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