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Friday, July 8, 2011


Welcome to the JR Moore & Son blog.  We plan to use this blog as a way of sharing information about our store and community with our customers/friends.  Since we are new to blogging we are not sure how often we will be updating, but we will try to do it often. 

One main reason for starting a blog was due to the many questions we hear about how to read an almanac.....

A large percentage of the questions we get asked at the store deal with topics that our older folks would say are just common knowledge.  What is common knowledge to one generation may be a foreign concept to another.  Every year around Christmas we give out an old style almanac calendars to our loyal customers.   They are very popular and by the first of January we are completely out.  There are many folks who depend on the calendar to determine many things.....when is the best time to plant/harvest, when you should preserve food, moon phases and best days to fish.  However, we notice that the ability to read the calendar is becoming a lost art.  Through this blog, we hope that together we all can gain a better understanding of the valued practice of reading a almanac calendar.  Stayed tuned....

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